How to Get FREE STUFF Online

We all have that one friend who is always constantly bragging about the cool free stuff he got online. Well, it is actually not a big deal to get free goodies every now and then from a bunch of those companies who give away free stuff for publicity or to raise awareness about their product and product testing. You can easily be one of those guys who get free stuff online offered by those companies for above mentioned reasons and more. The free stuff that you can get ranges from daily household stuff like clothing, perfumes, calendars, pet stuff, key chains to expensive smartphones, laptops, software etc. Below are some of the tips you can use while on your hunt to get free stuff online.


1- When you sign up for giveaway item, your email address is usually added to advertising software that fills your inbox with unnecessary updates and a heck lot of spams. You can avoid this situation by making an additional email account on Yahoo or Gmail to save you from all this trouble.

2- It is a bad idea to give away your real phone number while filling up the form unless it is needed to be done for the purpose of verification by the company because otherwise your private number might get shared with some marketing agency and will end up bombarded by telemarketers. The best way to avoid this situation is to use which provides you with a phone number and you can check all your voicemails online. It’s a great way to dodge unnecessary privacy breach for free. Another way to tackle this situation is to use Google voice which is also as much effective.

3- If you’re interested in getting free stuff from a particular company then it is not a bad idea to call or email them because a lot of companies are interested in giving away discount coupons and sample of their products.

4- If you are signing up for free stuff in a bulk and are sick of refilling the forms again and again then the best way to tackle this situation is to use auto-fill offered by almost every best browser like Google chrome, Firefox etc. If your browser already doesn’t do the auto-refill then you can always add Google toolbar to your existing browser to get this feature. You can also use a software to do the auto-filling to save you from getting exhausted. One of the best option out there RoboForm, which is a great software that can save you from a lot of trouble.

5- Last but not the least, you can always follow our website to get free and latest updates on how and where you can find the free stuff that you’re looking for.

Many marketing specialists think that giving away free stuff is one of the best marketing strategies to gain customer interest and attention that is why more and more companies are adopting this awesome way of marketing each day, so don’t wait up and grab one of those free goodies for yourself and rock your way with our tips and suggestions while you’re at it.