TrailWise – The Free Specialists

1- How long will I have to wait to get my free sample?

The free stuff and samples that you win are directly delivered from the companies that supply them, which can take 4-6 working days to deliver. So calm down and wait for your free stuff.


2- How long does free sample offer take to expire?

There are only a limited about of free samples offered by a company for a specific product with respect to a huge demand. Our team at Trailwise.uo.ok does their best to notify you about a new offer as soon as it hits availability. Regular emails updates related to the products of your interest are sent to keep you up with the latest offers.

3- I’m unable to login to my user account, what should I do?

One of the main reasons why users are mostly unable to access their accounts because of wrong password input. To avoid forgetting your password, it is a good practice to save your password with all of your other passwords in a secure text file. Another way to avoid this situation is to use refill option offered by most of the famous browsers which automatically fills in your email and password on regularly visited websites, once allowed to do so. Refill option should not be activated or allowed while working on a public computer or laptop.

4- Why would anyone want to give away free stuff?

Many free stuff companies ( out there are looking for product sampling to get the attention of costumers. Once a customer likes the product’s free sample, it tends them to become a long-term customer. Some of the other reasons for free giveaway samples are product testing and marketing. You get the free stuff and the companies get free marketing, product testing, and valued customers, a win-win for both parties.

5- What much free stuff can I get?

There is no limit to how much free samples and stuff you request for. You can choose as many samples and free products from our list of free samples as you want. Sky’s the limit for getting free samples that you like on our website.

6- How often does the free sample list updates?

Our free sample list which includes various free samples and brand-products is updated as soon as a new offer hits the market. We also send our users notifications via emails to keep them updated with the latest offers as soon as they become available.

7- How to change the password?

You can change your password at any convenient time on your hands. You can visit the page related to password change and must be logged out of your account before changing your password. You can also find out your current password if you forget it by entering your email and getting an email that either provides you with the current password or lets you change it for good.

8- What must be done to receive free samples?

Once you’ve selected the product you want a free sample for, you must fill in the forms provided with the sample with your up-to-date information which includes your contact details and mailing address to receive the free sample.